Thursday, June 21, 2012

Electronic Arts putting Microtransactions in their games

I told you all this would happen. I told you in my previous posts (Here, Here, Here) that EA and Activision are planning to implement severe restrictions on their games, and now they are already publicly admitting it.

I told you all that I knew what the ultimate goal of EA was, to severely restrict content and charge extra for a bare-bones game to become whole.

Now, it has happened. Gamers have stopped caring about this because they think it doesn't hurt them or their Gaming life, but guess what, it does. This is going to spell the end of Video Games, as every other Game Maker out there is going to do exactly what I reported they said they were planning to do, slowly but surely.

It's time Gamers wake the fuck up and take back the industry they are responsible for. If you want to sit back and ignore this, than you can say bye-bye to your favorite games. Everybody likes to talk and talk, but nobody is boycotting these practices because they're so loyal to a disgusting company they're blinded by their rhetoric.

Gaming will no longer be what it is if we don't do something now. STOP SUPPORTING EA AND ACTIVISION and all of the other companies who want nothing more than to exploit Gamers for more money in the name of profits.

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