Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to contact me

I've gotten a few requests from people wanting to contact me. Below are the details you can use to contact me:

AIM Messenger: xMadModMikex
Yahoo! Messenger: MadModMike
Google Talk Messenger: xMadModMikex@Gmail.com
Windows Live Messenger: MadModMike@Live.com

E-Mail: Mike@InFusionBlue.com


PS: Make sure you don't send me an E-Mail to my Gmail or Live.com account. I do not check those E-Mail accounts, I only use them to sign-in to Google Talk Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. The only E-Mail account that I check is the "InFusionBlue.com" one.


  1. so, did you hop in your handy time machine to write this post from friday?

    1. I set the time-stamp for the article to be the 15th so that this article remains at the top of my blog until that time, regardless of any other new posts I make.

      I wanted this article to be at the top for a few days so for all the people who wanted to contact me would be able to do so without digging through posts.