Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Favorite Games

I've had a few people ask me what I thought was a good game since I tend to rag on quite a few, so I will list below some of my Favorite Video Games.

Yakuza Franchise
Heavy Rain (Top 3 All-Time Favorite)
Alan Wake (Top 3 All-Time Favorite)
Demon's Souls & Dark Souls
Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy
Dead Island (Top 3 All-Time Favorite)
Silent Hill 2 & Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 & 4 - 4 is my favorite of the entire series
Lost Odyssey
Mercenaries 1 & 2
Forza Motorsports Franchise
Max Payne Franchise (#4 All-Time Favorite)
Fallout Franchise
Elder Scrolls Franchise (Though Bethesda does a horrible job of creating a world, reusing textures like crazy)
Call of Duty 2 *ONLY*
Grand Theft Auto Franchise
Just Cause 2
Mass Effect Franchise
Dragon Age: Origins (Not #2)
Company of Heroes Franchise
Half Life 2 & Extras
Resident Evil Franchise
Killzone 1 & 2

And more, though these are my fav-favorites.

As you can tell I really enjoy games with either Amazing Stories or Great Gameplay. My Top-Favorites are story games though, but games that let the player carve out a piece of the world for themselves like Mercenaries and Fallout/Elder Scrolls really appeal to me as well.

Big-Time Franchises like Gears of War I don't particularly care for, as GoW got real boring for me and I've never finished the entire campaign for any of the franchise. I don't think Epic Games does a good job at making a story, as all of the elements of the game that are supposed to be emotional are horribly executed.


  1. You should check out the half-life series, half-life 2 remains my favorite shooter of all time.

    1. I second that! Half Life & Mass Effect francise 'ld be my top 2!

    2. Oh I do like the Half Life franchise, but this was just a off-the-top-of-my-head list.

  2. MadmodMike, is it possible to email or private message you? I have a couple questions for you (game industry related).


    slandshark at hotmail dot com

    1. Check my latest post for how to contact me.

  3. MadModMike: I too would like to ask you a few questions. ( It is a serious inquiry.

    Justin M.

    1. I will make a post about how to contact me.

  4. Are you Legrieme? How come you were banned from Gamespot?

    1. I was banned because of my Signature which was my blog URL.

  5. I love you....finally some one who sees Lost Odyssey and Mercenaries as good games (very underrated)........I kinda surprised you dont have Chrono Trigger and if you like real time strategies check out Homeworld.

  6. No zelda games? Im surprised

    1. Oh I do love the Zelda games, but this post was mostly about the Current-Gen-type games, though I will update this list as time goes on to show people all of the games I love and hopefully somebody finds a game they never knew about and start playing it and love them.

    2. Ha, I'm glad you knew I meant older zelda games. Its very sad for me to see what the series has become.

  7. How do you not have Company of Heroes on that list /Sigh/ :P

    1. I did this list off the top of my head. I absolutely LOVE the Company of Heroes franchise though.

  8. Dude those are pretty good games and i love alot of them but what about Legacy of Kain series not the best games but with metal gear imo they have the best history and plot twist of video games series and what about Redfaction,Unreal,Unreal tournamet 2004,Quake 1-3,Kingdom hearts,Far Cry,Starcraft,Warcraft 3,Diablo 2,Neverwinter night,Jade Empire,age of empires 2,Deus ex,Dukenukem 3d, castlevania symphony of the night-Circle of the moon,F.E.A.R,Golden sun 1-2,Conker bad fur day,Perfect dark,golden eye 007(n64),alien vs predator 2,Ratchet and Clank going commando (2) and up your arsenal (3),banjo tooie,Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers,Descent,Eternal darkness,Onimusha,God hand ( yea bad camera and kind of difficult but awesome game),rainvow six rouge spear,Zelda ocarina-Oracle of Seasons and Ages-Links awakining-Link to the past,Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure,Sonic adventure 2

    And many more Man those were the days

    1. Oh yeah the Legacy of Kain games were great for sure. Red Faction was amazing and playing Multiplayer with friends was incredible; getting to blow up entire levels and having so much freedom, just awesome.

      Of course the Starcraft's and Warcraft's were amazing as well, can't go wrong with those.

      You got some good games in your list, I love many of them.