Friday, June 15, 2012

New Blog & Blog Authors & Fun Update

Started a new blog today. It's going to be about showcasing all of the PC Emulators for PS1/PS2/Dolphin(Gamecube/Wii)/N64/Sega and all of the other ones. I'm going to put videos up showing how to properly configure the Emulators to get the Maximum Performance and Best Graphical Settings for each Emulator.

I'll be showcasing me playing the games as well to show how they work and give tips on the best Emulators and the inner-workings.

So if you're interested in playing your PS1/PS2/GameCube/Wii/N64 or any other system (Excluding PS3 and Xbox 1 & 360 for obvious reasons) on your PC then head on over and check it out!


I am seeking some extra authors who are interested in volunteering to help out over on the "True Reviews" blog. I want to grow the blog into a vast resource for Honest, Unbiased Reviews and anybody who's interested in making that happen is welcome to join.

Shoot me an email or an IM if you're interested. My email and IM contact information can be found by looking down a few posts, or by clicking this link.


I just recently purchased some new Hard Drives for my Data Center and I am officially up to 20 Terabytes (TB) of data. Yes, that's 20,000 Gigabytes (GB) of storage. I'm hoping to improve my Data Center even further now that I have additional slots put into the Motherboard so my collection of Media & Entertainment can start growing even more now.

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