Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thoughts on EA, Absence and Ramblings

Hey all, long time no see.

Sorry I haven't been on, I just finished with my publisher to release my third book and I'm working on more projects (games) so I'm real excited about that.

Anyways, I want to talk a minute about EA and their recent announcement that they're planning 100% all digital.

I don't want to say it, but, I told you so.

I have been in this industry for over 10 years, I have made contacts, friends, enemies and I have been in the board rooms and at the desks. From teams of 10 people making games where everybody shared every part of the game, to dedicated teams working on particular aspects of a AAA game, I know.

You need to start listening to what I've said and understand what it means for the future of gaming. Most people will see this and just think "no things won't be bad, stop being an idiot" well, guess what, it is that bad. The Gaming Industry has changed and it will never be the way it was again; but, that doesn't mean it's over.

I'm sure you've read all the articles about all of the executives and CEO's and heads of companies coming out and saying many things, such as digital gaming is the future or we need innovation, etc. etc.

I will tell you all the truth about why they're all saying this. As usual, they're forced to. The publishers are demanding that they support whatever they want or they won't publish for them and be able to get a mass-released game. It's not easy distributing your game to millions of people across the world; just look at the average sales of an Independent Game vs. a Mass-Released game by a Publisher.

Publishers such as EA and Activision (which is really Vivendi, the Mass Media Conglomerate) are Greedy as fuck and they want to control the gaming market the same way Microsoft controls PC's with Windows. Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo are cooperating with EA/Activision to a certain extent, and just how far those companies will go together depends on how the Gaming Community reacts to what they're doing.

I've been telling you over and over what their ultimate plan is now, and every week you see more articles telling you things I've already told you yet people still won't stand up and believe. The Gaming Industry is going to turn into nothing. People like Jean-Bernard Levy (Chairman of Vivendi/Activision-Blizzard), Robert Kotick (CEO & President of Activision-Blizzard) and others are Media Moguls and they are taking over and running these Gaming businesses into the ground in the name of profits.

Now, as you've all heard in the news, the board (including Jean-Bernard) are thinking about unloading Activision-Blizzard from Vivendi. Well, that can be good news or bad news. Their controlling stake in the company (Roughly 61%) can either be sold to a single entity or divided up, but either way the new majority holder (if they choose to unload it) could be a lot better or a lot worse.

This type of "management" is also happening over at EA, though Activision-Blizzard is actually trailing EA because EA came up with these ideas first (as I said in my other posts) so Activision-Blizzard aren't quite as bad as EA yet, but that's not for the lack of trying.

Gamers need to stand up and NOT SUPPORT these companies. DO NOT BUY A SINGLE EA OR ACTIVISION GAME EVER. If we do this, we will send a message to those companies that they cannot own our rights. Small developers and their teams, including myself, are being destroyed by this Greed. The higher-ups are controlling everything and doing everything the way they want. If you don't go with them, you don't have a job, it's as simple as that.

Stand up, tell them you'll fight back and don't support these Greedy Bastards. If you think this is being taken too far and over the limit, just sit and think for a minute about how you'd feel if there never was another video game coming out that was worth playing. All you have to play for the rest of your life are the games you have now. Think about it.

Gaming is a part of many lives, some more than others, but either way it's important. 


  1. Damn man finally someone understand the gaming world , thank you very much and keep up I like the way how you write your articals it's like you wrote them from your heart .

    and one last thing about something you post >>>
    >>> ( Online Pass )

    I think it's good thing in one way , one way only and what's that way is to know how many players ( the fan the real ones ) play your game , I mean I don't want them to spread numbers of how many players play online like COD and be happy about it on the other hand they are only (almost 300 k not over 2 million !!! ) did you get my drift !! .

    and again keep up hard work . ^__^

  2. Mad,

    There is an old saying "With knowledge comes more sorrow." Meaning now that you knwo all these things now you have to face the issue that noone else sees what you see. You have to watch it happen and then explain how it happened to everyone else.

    The only way to fight this is get people like me (many others) into the industry and get our own AAA titles and fight fire with fire. Once we have an honest company with alot of money and pull they lose power. Then use that power to build other companies like you, eventually they loose dominance.

  3. I'd be interested to see what happens next in Europe. The supreme court (EU) just decided that consumers need to be given the right to resell their digital games.

    What this implies for Steam, Origin, etc, is huge.

  4. I assume that by going completely digital that it means these companies will leverage online passes and subscriptions more now?

    Does this mean that you are totally opposed to digital distribution of games or is it acceptable the way Steam, Good old Games and Gamer's Gate are doing it?

    Thanks in advance for any replies to my questions. I am still trying to grasp the changing nature of the gaming industry and find your blog very helpful.

    1. GoodOldGames is run by CDProjektRED so I can't give my support for that service.

      As far as Digital Distribution in general, I am not opposed to the general idea of it, no. What I am opposed to is the fact that they want to get rid of Physical Media in favor of ONLY Digital.

      Another killing point is the fact that they plan to continue charging FULL RETAIL PRICE of $59.99 and ABOVE for these Digital Games, which is bullshit.

      If a company released a Physical Media Disc for their game at $59.99 and then simultaneously released a Digital Download version for, say, $39.99, I would definitely support that, because all of the Retail Industry's Middle-Men are out of the picture so they can lower the price as still make more money.

      The problem is they don't see it that way. They're doing this 100% All Digital for the SOLE PURPOSE of eliminating the ability to Sell/Buy/Trade Used Games, which is atrocious.

      As far as Subscriptions and Online Passes go, once they go All Digital (which I doubt they really will) I can't see how an Online Pass would still exist, since the only purpose of that pass right now is to make Used-Game Purchases have to pay to play the multiplayer that's already in a New Game Purchase.

      Unfortunately, though, I doubt they'll repeal that. I can easily see them ramping up Online Pass usage somehow into Digital Games as well, along with adding Subscriptions like I said to boost profits further, thus fucking the consumer royally.

      I'm glad you find the blog informative and I hope you continue learning new things and I'd be willing to speak to you as much as you would like about this industry.

      You can reach me on my contact information that's on my homepage if you scroll down a few posts.

    2. If you want to play Activision's or EA's games just buy them used and don't buy DLC's so they don't get any money.

  5. Have you read this article about AAA developers and labor?

    After I read it, I realized maybe being a game developer isn't a good idea. However, I've always wanted to be one. I can handle stress, but getting bullied by an employer is not worth the money.
    How do you feel about working conditions as a game developer yourself?

    1. It really depends on the Publisher/Developer you're working for and how the Corporate Structure is setup.

      I've worked for companies where they were hound dogs about every little thing you did and I've also been involved with smaller start-ups that are more relaxed and easy going.

      The more expensive the game's development budget is, the more oversight there is in turn because of the large investments which are usually made by bigger companies and they expect good returns. Those returns are often accomplished by working the Developers to the bone and breaking them down over and over until they get what they want.

      It's not a pretty life being a "AAA Developer" or any Developer for that matter, which is why I started this blog to inform the Gaming Community of the truth about the industry and hopefully Gamers can help change the way things are going by using their wallets and choosing not to support companies with immoral and unethical treatment of employees in the name of profits.

  6. I am actually curious on why you cannot support GoG because it is run by CDProjektRED? What is wrong with them? I find that CDProjektRED is one of the more respected companies in video games right now.


      That's why.

  7. I seriously doubt any publisher will have the balls to go 100% digital for at least another 8+ years, here's why:

    1) You're cutting out roughly 40% of your market (yes, that many people don't have solid internet connections)

    2) It will kill gaming as a form of collecting

    3) Most importantly, you'll never get to "own" a game again, and people hate that idea. For example, awhile back I bought Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for 360 on XBL marketplace, after about a year of owning the game midway sold out to WB if i'm not mistaken and then shortly after that I lost access to the game all together due to what was probably a contract issue.

    This can also happen if the distribution service itself goes out of business for whatever reason. You'll loose everything, and for that reason I think we'll continue to see physical copies available for at least a little while longer.