Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cliff Bleszinski fired, but "with honor" as they say

Well news outlets are finally stating that Bleszinski is done with Epic Games and it of course has nothing to do with his ridiculous behavior and comments he's made recently (sarcasm).

The higher-ups didn't know how well a game would sell with his name anywhere near it so they let him go as part of a "damage control" plan they have.

I think it's good news. As soon as that moron opened his mouth up he should have known the big dogs were going to put him out.

It doesn't matter what the official report says or what he himself says, we all here know the truth about why he was let go: he's a financial mess because of his comments and (lack of) reputation in the gaming community.

Here's to hoping more idiots who run their mouths about Gamer's Rights being taken away get the boot as well.

The next round's on me!

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