Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why do Games have Limited or No Split-Screen?

If you've been paying attention, than you'll have noticed that a lot of games lately that offer Co-Op experiences are lacking in the Split-Screen Department. Well, as you probably guessed, the reason for this is money.

Publishers are telling the Developers to exclude Split-Screen Gameplay ("Couch Co-Op" as I like to call it) from their games if they have Co-Op. The reason for this is, again as usual, very stupid. They believe that by doing so it will force Gamers to purchase an additional copy to play with their friends, thus increasing their sales.

That explains the Consoles, but when games have Split-Screen on a Console game and they then port it to the PC and remove the Split-Screen, the reason they do this is because they believe it will curb piracy.

That is quite possibly the dumbest excuse I have ever heard, and I didn't believe it at first until I was told directly by my friend that runs a smaller development company.

Gaming is headed down even further, and I will continue repeating what I always say: BOYCOTT THESE HORRIBLE PUBLISHERS.


  1. I noticed this trend myself, it rather sad and I think it will be a while before any improvements considering how hard it is to get a company stated for designing games is.

  2. Just thought I'd mention that due to graphical and physics advancements in games, it's tougher for them to simultaneously render and create two view points (one for each split screen). It puts a big strain on the processor and makes the engine look and run worse normally.

    Not saying that in some cases it's ridiculous to exclude split screen (like in a racing game), and I'm not super tech savvy, just thought I'd put it out there.

    1. Oh believe me, I do understand what you're saying and yes, there are definitely some games that are just unable to be made Split Screen for that reason, but the majority of the time that is not the real issue from what I've experienced.

    2. Uncharted 3 rocked split-screen with no problems. I played tons of online split-screen games with my buddies. I don't own a 360, but the Halo games I've played are great split-screen online too. Other developers are just lazy or don't have the talent.