Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm back! & New Domain

Hello all, did you miss me? Probably not since after almost 2 years nobody even visits anymore, but that's about to change. I've taken a hiatus to deal with some things but I am back and boy do I have lots of new information to share with you. Firstly I want to point out a few things:

1) THQ Bankruptcy - I predicted this back in 2012 and told you it was going to happen, and it did.

1) Microtransactions - I predicted this back in 2012 as well that they were going to take over and nobody believed me, but guess what, I was right again.

Everything you read on here is 100% true and comes from inside the game industry. I have made a lot of enemies over these past few years, though none personal, but I feel it's important that the public knows why things are happening the way they are in the game industry.

Below I will highlight some topics of discussion to come so you have an idea of what I will be talking about going forward:

1) Microsoft & Sony and their new PS4/Xbox One
2) EA, Ubisoft and all the big publishers plans for the future
3) The delaying of most games into 2015
4) Much more

Stay tuned to learn even more about how horrible the gaming industry has become and learn what you can do to change it. Gamer's need to stand up and vote with their wallets or these companies will continue their horrible ways and things will only get worse.

Until next time my friends.

ALSO: There will be a new link to this blog. will be linking directly to this blog starting shortly so it'll be easier to remember and pass on to your friends.

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