Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Truth About CDProjekt RED

CDProjekt RED is quite possibly one of the worst developers in history, and it hasn't a single thing to do with their ability to make a game. (Link) (Link2)

Back in 2011, CDProjekt RED began a campaign. This campaign was to, in their words, stop the pirating of their game "The Witcher 2." What they did was they hired a law firm to send out letters to people who they claimed illegally downloaded the game from a bittorrent site and inside the letter was a threat that said (paraphrased) "If you do not pay us $1,000 we will sue you in court."

Well, that sounds fine and dandy, right? I mean, if all they're doing is targeting Pirates than it's okay, right? Well, that's not quite what happened.

You see, the internet is a strange thing, and ISP's are even stranger. The way it typically works is an ISP owns a block of IP Addresses. Your ISP assigns these IP's out to their customers at random and every so often they take their IP back and give you a new one. This all happens so quick that you don't even know what happened because it doesn't really matter.

Well, it does matter in this case. What CDProjekt RED did was tell the ISP to send threatening letters to each IP address that downloaded a copy of The Witcher 2 from torrent sites. The problem with that is that since IP's get switched around all the time, letters get sent to the IP that downloaded it, but the person who had the IP when they downloaded the game doesn't have it now, the owner of it now is a 60 year old man who works his ass off daily to provide for his family because of the economy.

(The reason CDProjekt RED can only send letters to the IP and not the person is due to Privacy Laws prohibiting ISP's from giving out your info without a court order)

This causes that 60 year old man to become very upset, potentially hurting his life and his families life, all because CDProjekt RED is a little whiny bitch.

CDProjekt RED claims no letters ever were sent to the wrong people, but that is untrue, because there are loads of complaints of people who got letters who don't even know what bittorrent even is.

To sum it up, CDProjekt RED should never be supported for anything, ever, for doing something so dirty and disgusting.


  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. There's so much shit that happens under the radar that most people wouldn't even notice unless they were directly involved or the company had a well established bad reputation (EA). I will be watching this blog.

  2. http://www.joystiq.com/2012/01/12/witcher-2-dev-cd-project-red-ceases-legal-action-against-pirates/


    They have clearly stated both ways solve nothing, you are half a year late
    Also its ENTIRELY possible for ISP to track which person was online at which ip address during which timeframe
    that.. assuming they weren't targeting static ip addresses exclusive

    CDProjekt would only require a proof of criminal activity which is most likely what they did, because I fail to see how it would be possible for them to obtain even de-personalized information without it

    not only that, ISP giving de-personalized information sounds flat out retarded, why would you risk doing that ?
    you do realize the ISP would be dragged down the toilet together with the CDProjekt in case the accusations would be unsubstantiated, right ?

    I don't know where you suck your "knowledge" (conspiracy theories and questionable claims) from, but this article is plain BS
    also being you I'd take great care what you spout out
    aiming to damage corporations with unsubstantiated, fraudulent claims could get you sued very easily too

    1. 1) ISP's are not legally allowed to monitor the data traffic on your internet connection, that is against the law and an invasion of privacy laws.

      2) It is common practice for ISP's to send along Copyright Claims to their customers from Corporations, so this is not something new and if you took 5 minutes to do a Google search you'd know this.

      I myself have gotten a false Copyright Notice sent to me because the person who had my IP before me downloaded a new Warner Brothers movie on a torrent site and the notice was sent to the IP since that's all WB had and I happened to have been the next person to get the IP Dynamically.

      There is no "dragging down" from False Accusations. There are hundreds of lawsuits going on against companies for these types of tactics, but most Judges don't care to listen since they're paid by the companies anyways so nothing is done.

      This is a very common practice, the sending of Copyright Claims to IP's of those who downloaded things illegally, so don't think this is something new or that only CDProjekt RED does it.

      This is an ongoing problem of ethical impairment and needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand.

  3. @Talavaj lol, u got pwned.